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I would like to build a house maker!

な い I do not know which housemaker should I ask
抵抗 There is resistance to teach you an address or contact information
忙 し い I am busy, so I do not want to receive a steady business
た い I want to carefully compare the suggestions of multiple house makers
☑ Although I do not know if I will formally request it, there is resistance to having me come to the house
☑ I would like to know how much my house will be built and the estimated amount
☑ I do not know how to proceed with house making at a house maker

House maker estimate comparison navigator has resistance to ask plan and estimate from house maker who does not know what to ask! For those who are, from the perspective of the builder "I would like to have such a service" to achieve, expert technical staff will support you.
There is no need to visit the housemaker's exhibit space. First of all, I think if you can go to the exhibition space after carefully comparing the suggestions. While carefully examining plans and estimates from multiple house makers, you can ask and consult with house makers through this site if you do not understand. Please consult as many times as you can be convinced.
From Hokkaido to Okinawa Prefecture, we support all prefectures, from major house makers to community-based mid-sized house makers.
Do you not use this site, too, and do you not start the making of house convinced with security? There is no need to worry about unnecessary sales because we make proposals from a neutral position without taking on any company. We accept consultations from time to time by phone or email, so you can consult at any time, so please contact us if you have any requests.


Let's know the house navigation system

Introduce a method of house creation that does not fail

Q & A

Introduce various questions asked so far

Can you find the housemaker you want?
In this site, we have carefully evaluated the customer's request and select a house maker close to the desired house from among the member house makers. In addition, we introduce the house maker who understands the policy of our site th...
Are all really free?
House maker estimate comparison navigation does not have the use charge for the use of service, and other consultations. It's all free. The commission fee from the member of the participating house manufacturer at the time of contrac...
If I ask a question, how do I interact with the housemaker?
You can exchange questions with the housemaker through this site, so please ask questions and questions without hesitation. As arrangements of each house maker and this site are not to contact customers directly, please be assured th...
What kind of proposal can you receive?
Depending on the house maker that you propose, an approximate estimate (= approximate estimate) may be issued. It is not a formal estimate because the estimate is calculated from the data before the meeting (request sheet, site plan,...
I do not have a site plan?
Go to the Legal Bureau and get a "Area Survey Map". If you do not know, please contact us and we will teach you the specific acquisition method. In addition, it may be fine if you can enter the dimensions and roads of the site, an...

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Voices of customers who have used various services so far

Deepen the understanding of the service from the voice received from customers

  • If I asked Seki-san, it would be 10 million yen cheaper than Company A at the desired house.


    ☆ Saitama City Saitama Prefecture Makoto Yuasa, Yuki Megumi

    Yuasa and his wife, who live in Saitama City, built a nice house using the House Navi System.
    How can we build the ideal house? We talked about the process and impressions from the encounter with the House Navi system to building a house

    Detailed contents from here

  • We could build more than 20% cheaper than originally.


    ☆ Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Koji Kuwahara

    As I owned a land, I was recommending to build a apartment with a large company.

    However, because I rushed to contract too much, I became uneasy and consulted Seki. It wasn't necessary to come back when we talked about the fact that the contract date with the company was postponed and that we would like to make a mutual estimate.

    In the end, it was possible to estimate by several companies, and to build it 20% cheaper than the original by the housing company decided.

    In addition, we asked the rental brokerage company and took room according to the needs, and all rooms were full before completion.

  • I was thinking of selling home apartment and rebuilding ...


    ☆ M, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

    Thanks to the HouseNavi system, I am very grateful to be able to talk very smoothly without any stress.

    I was able to enjoy building a house, and I could talk with people who I could never meet with my own power, and I had a very meaningful time.

    We may ask for consultation with you in the future, but we would appreciate your favor.


Consult if you have any concerns


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House Navi System Co., Ltd.

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Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture Nishikawaguchi 1-26-22 5F

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business hours

8:00 to 19:00

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We are able to meet your needs through various measures including estimates for house makers. We have picked up and introduced three companies so that staff with specialized knowledge can meet each and every request. Negotiations on expenses, various transmissions, and introductions of the company are also conducted if you are not satisfied, so please contact us if you have any troubles with your home.

About us

We are guiding the estimates of several house makers

To a company that can offer proposals from multiple companies if it is a house maker's quotation

Although there is concern about homebuilding individually, we have been supporting customers next door so that they can make convincing proposals in various aspects such as cost, design, and construction quality. The feature is that professionals who have been involved in various constructions help customers with a budget and how to build a home from a neutral standpoint. In addition, we will introduce and pick up a housing company that suits your budget and your request so that you can make proposals in line with your wishes, and introduce in detail the characteristics and examples of each company. As we act from the position of the third party in all processes, we have prevented the mismatch between the customer and the housing company without unnecessary business concerns.
In order to build a house, it is necessary to clearly understand the customer's request. We will interview you thoroughly to guide you along the purpose and theme of homebuilding, such as what kind of house you want to build and what to build your home for. It is also a feature that the contents are informed to the housing company properly and that there is no difference in recognition. Of course, we will also negotiate the cost, and we will help to reduce the quality of the construction without any loss, so please feel free to contact us.

Consult about house building to house maker estimate comparison navigator

There are very many people who are troubled with homebuilding. Demands that are sought by each person, such as the design and layout of the house, and expenses, are different. In addition, the contents are various according to house maker guiding house building. In general, when you request a housing company, a large amount of money is spent on various parts such as advertising and operating expenses. It is characterized by proposing a plan that does not incur any unnecessary expenses so that customers do not lose money, and providing a quote at a reasonable price.
In order to request estimates from multiple companies under the same conditions and timing, it is often possible for each company to make a proposal at a special price, and it is possible to further reduce costs. In addition, since we are engaged in negotiations from a neutral position that does not put ourselves in both the customer and the housing company, we have heard the true feelings of the customer and the housing company, and have made negotiations and proposals in various ways. We receive consultation about housing from telephone or email, and you can feel free to consult at any time. After consultation, if there is a request from the customer, please take the time to carefully listen, and if you are convinced, it will be a contract, so please leave it in peace when ordering.